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My name is Miu. A few things I've learned so far:

  1. Yellow is a fantastic color.

  2. So much can be learned by being present. Seeing, listening, tasting, feeling, existing amid chaos and peace. I am often awestruck by the things that exist in my surroundings. 

  3. 2 makes me want to share with others how I experience the everyday.

These three realizations are the basis of this effort, an attempt to share more about what I see and hear, what challenges and excites me, and what makes me curious. Through pictures, thoughts that turn into musings, and shared words that have lingered in my mind, I'll be sharing a bit about the world that is familiar to me. And, maybe by putting pen to paper - or, nervous fingers on clattering keyboard - I'll learn more about myself in the process and can share that too.

So far, here's some of what I know about myself: 

  • I think coffee and tea are equally tasty and comforting.

  • Bicycling or walking are my favorite means of getting to places, especially when that place is new to me.

  • I like the social element of cooking.

  • I like how at airports, everyone is sure about where they are going but are excitedly unsure about what they will find when they get there.

  • I like moments when the world feels small because I also like how it is so wondrously big.

  • I enjoy it when people share their passions with me because I get to learn about new topics through them. 

  • I am excited about the ways in which people seek to create positive and sustainable change. 

  • I like how in any given moment, there are more things I do not know and can discover than there are things that I do and already have. 

The list continues.

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